9th Annual

October 31st to November 3rd 2019

Launching at the Bass, birthplace of Reggae in Kingston, followed by 3 days of film and delectable cuisine in the beautiful parish of Portland, Jamaica.
Afro-themed Features, Jamaican Shorts, Independent Stories and everything in between.

Cinema Paradise is a celebration of the human spirit.
Port Antonio, Jamaica
In support of the Portland Rehab Management
(PRM) Homeless Shelter
Our Mission is to create one-of-a-kind cinematic experiences that bring relevant social, economic, political and humanistic topics to the forefront, while provoking thought, exploring ideas and encouraging attitudes that can foster positive change.

Kingston to Port Antonio Jamaica

9TH ANNUAL CP Festival
Watch 2018 4 Day Festival Highlights

" The beauty of Jamaica cannot be hidden and the fact that Cinema Paradise continues to choose the exquisite Portland is a grand way of showcasing all that the parish has to offer – from its historical legacy to its contemporary charm. Cinema Paradise’s continued thrust to celebrate the human spirit resonates with Jamaica and the indomitable spirit of our people."
- Renée Robinson, JAMPRO’s Film Commissioner

Watch Celebrity Tributes for Grand Finale Screening of “Cocktail”

“I loved filming in Jamaica. It was exciting because it was my first big movie. We had so much fun on the island, horseback riding in Long bay and drinking in the Blue Lagoon and oh yes, Reach Falls!!
- Elisabeth Shue
Cinema Paradise is proud to be the Jamaican Festival to feature winners of the JAFTA Propella Shorts Program funded by Chase. See last year's screenings with all Filmmakers in attendance for "Code, Agwe, Going Down and Flight"

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Cinema Paradise is a unique showcasing of afro-centric creative works with talks, panels and other educational programming ….and where else to do this but Port Antonio? Once referred to as the ‘Jamaican Riviera’ in the 1960s, Port Antonio boasts a film legacy and auspicious artistic history..”

– Renée Robinson, JAMPRO’s Film Commissioner