The background story of
Portie Film Festival

Born on the Safari Deck at Great Huts Resort in 2000, Cinema Paradise was conceived by Dr Paul S. Rhodes to showcase Afro-centric and Jamaican films to international and local audiences in the backdrop of paradise.

Cinema Paradise aims to showcase the Jamaican film scene in all its profuse variety, featuring animation, comedy, documentary, and shorts, set against the backdrop of our tropical idyll, showcasing a culture packed with music and symbolism.

Our purpose, other than to entertain, is to study, discuss and enjoy films that provide our local and international guests with opportunities to interact and to learn from important artists of the film movement.  The passion and insight of writers, directors, producers and other artists, bearing on the social, political, economic and humanistic elements of history and modernity, constitute a moving (literally) narrative on our lives and societies.

Over the years, as intimate and meaningful conversations with audiences and important filmmakers grew, so did the Festival.

We are a charitable, not-for-profit organization established by Dr Paul Rhodes and Vivene Levison with the added goal of providing sustainability for Portland Homeless Shelter and to support the arts, Portland community and rich diverse culture of Jamaica.

Our Mission

To create one-of-a-kind cinematic experiences that bring relevant social, economic, political and humanistic topics to the forefront, while provoking thought, exploring ideas and encouraging attitudes that can foster positive change.

Our Goals

To connect audiences on a more personal level with industry personnel, artists and emerging filmmakers. To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts, while providing unique opportunities for our local film industry and international partners. To raise funds for the sustainability of the Portland Rehab Management (PRM) Homeless Shelter