History of Eira Schader Home for the Aged

The Eira Schader Home for the Aged located at 38 Upper First Street, Trench Town, Kingston Jamaica was established on October 9th 1986 with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of the elderly who cannot manage to live on their own, where they can live a life of comfort and structure in their final days. This home started as a result of political influences which forced the younger folks to abandon the area leaving the elderly to survive by themselves. 

What started as government buildings with no real purpose, a young man of the community in his early 20’s  along with his counterparts, saw the need to offset an old age home to care for the elderly folks of the community. With no help from the government and many broken promises, Derby, dedicated his life and energy to keep the home in existence for over 30 years. It was hard for him but his dedication, and dreams were much bigger than theirs. His selfless act and dedication kept him going as he knows his efforts are not in vein despite the rejections and difficulties faced with these residents.


About the Eira Schader Home for the Aged

The Eira Schader Home for the Aged is one that provides freedom of the residents to walk around the premises, talk to each other, play chess and other board games. With that, a nurse is present on site to assist in their day to day activities. Over the years, this facility struggled, but is still going because of the dedication of a few good people involved.

Since 2001, the Bob Marley Foundation gave a helping hand to this struggling home, to assist them monetarily in maintenance and day to day activities. They have received assistance from the Jamaica United Relief Association who provides funding and the Red Cross who provides the home with food supplies and Praise City International Transformation Centre a affiliate of the Agency for Inner-City Renewal (AIR), to which Dr. Henley Morgan is the founder and Overseer of the Church. 

The Home is not solely dependent on donations, as it has undertaken innovative missions, one of such is their own farm located behind the premises which provides them with ground provisions to give the residents a more healthy diet. The home has a carrying capacity of 28 residents but currently housing 8. As it is now, there are room for improvements and a lot more residents. Taking into consideration food supplies, and toiletries, janitorial supplies, the home needs assistance to continue operating. Despite the assistance received, they are still struggling with maintenance, stationeries, care and medication among other things. They are currently seeking doners to assist them in their survival venture and in making the lives of these residents as comfortable and as happy as possible.

The Eira Schader Home for the Aged is not just any old age home. These people are family bonded by love, care. They need your support in giving the elderly the best life in their last days. So far, the job being done is very applaudable. They are on a mission seeking doners to assist uson this venture towards providing the best care for these residents.

Please Note: The Eira Schader Home for the aged is not a Nursing Home and are not seeking doners’ handouts out of sympathy or pity. Doners should be genuine in giving and make these residents as comfortable as possible.

The Home Currently Needs:

More fans as rooms gets hot during the long summer days, more beds, sheets, clothing for residents. Facility needs new lighting, doners to assist with tiling, grilling of the facility, people to come and spend time talking to residents so they don’t feel forgotten and lonely and a part time doctor to ensure residents are healthy and well looked after.